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The Endangered Film Festival

FILMMAKER INVITE: Show Your Short Films!
Filmmakers and friends of filmmakers:

Wendy Jo Downing is reprising 2005's Silver Screen Showcase under the new name "The Endangered Film Festival," and right now she is having an open call invitation for submissions of work.

The "Film Fest" itself is going to be an all-day First Thursday event on February 1st (well, by "all day" I mean from 4:00 to 11:00 or so) on both upstairs screens at the Hollywood Theatre on NE Sandy. There will be free food, free PBR, and as many good short films as she can get her hands on (including the official finished-and-polished premier/release of my short film Amnesia Hotel, god willing).

And like I said, right now she's looking for submissions, so if you have a short film or two or three or have friends who have short films or two or so on, you should email Wendy and ask for more juicy details. My understanding is that the deadline for submissions is January 22nd.

Wendy's not just a good friend of mine but a hell of an organizer of parties and events (and one damn fine producer, above all!), so spread the word and don't be shy!

If you don't have anything to show, at least mark it on your calendars and plan to stop by! I think it's going to be $5 at the door for an "all-day, all-access" pass, and there'll be curated shows, free food (delicious J cafe sandwiches, is the rumor) and free beer, and possibly even music?, so I think that's got to count as $5 well spent...

See you there.
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