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Films in Portland and Beyond

Your home for reivews, schedules, and film discussion!

PDX film showings and film reviews
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Welcome to PDX_films! This community is all about the great movies shown at Portland's awesome theaters. Each week we will list the new films showing in the metro area. These will include re-releases, independant fare, and special engagements. If anything is left out feel free to post those as well.

Not from Portland? No problem... tell us about cool films in your area. This is a forum for film discussion. Nothing related to films or theaters is off-topic! Just because we list Portland specials does not mean that we would not like to rent another awesome film we may have never heard of.

Need recommendations for current or past films? Want to post reviews? That's cool too. Welcome!

Any questions can be e-mailed to dale_cooper@verizon.net

Your host and moderator is albeitcrazy
assisted by the lovely and talented queen_oblivia

Here are some helpful links for PDX movie buffs...
IMDB - Your source for everything movies
Yahoo movie listings for PDX and the surrounding areas
McMenamin's Movie Schedule
Trimet - find out how to get to your favorite theaters on Trimet
The NWFC webpage

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